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Enid is a mother, grandmother, retired nurse  and dedicated artist. Enid is in her eleventh year of painting. The first five years under the instruction of Aeron McBryde. She has also obtained training through various art classes, workshops and seminars. Whatever subject stirs her artistic senses up is what she will paint next.It may be a Seascape, Landscape, Flowers or visions she sees within herself. She works in Oil, Watercolour and Pastels. Enid's work has been accepted into numerous juried shows.Her work can also be found in a vaiety of private collections. The International Bureau of the Calgary Board of Education uses prints of her City of Calgary painting as gifts for dignitaries from visiting countries.Enid is the co-president of The Garibaldi Art Club for 2015.  Enid's objective is to bring the feeling of inspiration, connection, affection and wonder to the viewers of her artwork.


Professional Organizations:
 Garibaldi Art Club. MyArtClub.Com Fraserview Art Group (founded by Aeron McBryde)
 Garibaldi spring,summer, and fall shows. Maple Ridge Library.
 Honourable Mention:Garibaldi Art Club "Inspiring Poinsettias" 2005.
Artist's Statement:
 Thank you for the opportunity of showing you my new found happiness in painting and for watching my progress as the years go on. I hope you remain to feel the warmth and happiness I try to convey thru my art. Enid

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